Investment Strategy

ABA’s hotel strategy will focus on underperforming assets or assets that have a significant value-add opportunity that can be acquired well below replacement cost. The hotel assets we will consider are institutional grade, over leveraged and poorly run by the current ownership or needing significant capital to reposition and re flag.

While we target assets that require no less than a $10 million equity investment we are growing our business and will consider any investment that we feel will enhance the overall growth of the portfolio and add positive returns to the fund.

We will typically only invest where we control or significantly control the outcome of the investment. ABA has extensive experience in both existing and ground up hotels as well as luxury high-rise condominium developments and therefore will consider ground up construction in the right markets and market cycles.

Hospitality Development

Over 1 billion in hospitality projects alone, ranging from select-service to five star development projects.

Asset Management

Through experience, judgement and market research we provide asset management oversight to enhance value and increase portfolio returns.


Over 7 billion in completed projects. From pre-construction through completion, the team brings a depth of innovation into our development projects.

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